"Until I met Charlie I was rather skeptical about yoga, but she has got me hooked and I cannot recommend her classes highly enough. Thanks to Charlie's in-depth and intuitive teaching, I feel more supple and more in tune with my body. I came to the classes having recently had a baby, and Charlie really took the time to adapt poses and to check my posture and alignment. The back and shoulder pain I was suffering with was eased away, and I left each session feeling lighter and brighter. Her classes are a far cry from the "yoga factories" of thirty in a class that I've been to before, and she has really motivated me to continue with the practice. Thank you, Charlie, for being such a considerate and inspiring teacher, and for bringing some much needed zen into my life."  - Emma, Hong Kong


"As a complete beginner, with zero flexibility and with minimal arm movement due to recovery from surgery, I was a challenging pupil but I couldn't have been in safer hands with Charlie.  She was patient and kind and made sure that any movements that we were doing were tailored to make sure there was no danger of injury. Over the course of the lessons she introduced us to sequences designed specifically to all of our needs (new mothers, heavy exercisers and myself) without ever leaving anyone out.  After the classes I felt extremely relaxed, more supple and they really improved the movement in my injured arm.  I couldn't recommend Charlie more highly....sadly she doesn't live near me but she has inspired me to continue practicing!" - Polly, Hong Kong


"Charlotte is the consummate professional, taking care of each individual’s specific needs within a yoga class to ensure the right balance of strength and considered alignment to ensure the best possible yoga practice. Over a course of many lessons, Charlotte made us feel at ease with our own limitations and worked within these to build a heightened level of understanding yoga." - Lucy, Hong Kong

Reflexology & massage

"A treatment with Charlotte is total heaven - I suffer from chronic back pain and it is a treat to be able to switch off from that and drift off during a treatment - from start to finish you feel in safe, healing hands!"  - Lizzie, Brixton

"Reflexology with Charlotte has been instrumental in healing my digestive issues. Her approach is gentle and reassuring; after an in depth discussion about lifestyle, health and my symptoms in general, she performs the treatment professionally and it is always effective and incredibly relaxing. Her holistic approach and knowledge of Ayurveda is particularly helpful, so I would highly recommend a course of treatment with her. " - Alice, Clapham


"Charlie is extremely professional and knowledgeable and you feel in safe hands.  Her skill is in a complete holistic treatment, which leaves you feeling truly cared for.  My family beg me to book appointments, saying they feel better able to cope with their stressful jobs, and the benefit is long term." - Nicky, Stockwell


"Thank you so much for what has been best 4 days of my life so far this year! Not kidding. I've been getting up at 6am this week and on the mat for 30 - 40 mins. I have got the timetable for the yoga classes next door to work so am now going to be a very dedicated yogi.  Charlie I still need you to come and live with me and cook those beautiful meals. Simply stunning." - Michelle, Sydney

"It was a very special weekend and my body and mind felt very light and free (still does!). A very huge thank you to Cate and Charlie (recipes to be tried at home!), a wonderful combo for all senses." - Maria, Sydney

"Thank you all for such a wonderful weekend.  I loved getting back into yoga and meditation (perfect timing) and combining this with such amazing nutrient packed tasty food has set me up again to honour my body mind and soul.  A big thank you to Cate and Charlotte for making this available to Millie and I." - Ali, Sydney